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4 Sirius Beaders

Welcome to 4 Sirius Beaders
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a bit about ourselves

 Marion, one of the 4 Sirius Beaders, started using beads in her free machine embroidery. At a show in Toronto, an Amulet Bag on a magazine cover caught her attention. Now she had to learn the stitch to do it. From learning that peyote stitch, the rest is all history. "Beading is a great gift for the soul. It allows you to go deeper within yourself as you play with the colours and design," Marion says. When she was in emotional turmoil she beaded "Evening in the City". You can leave your problems behind and go inward to heal with the addition of each bead.  

 Diane is one of the original members of 4 Sirius Beaders. Beading was new to her. She had no idea what she was getting into or that it would become such a large part of her life. From weekly meetings over coffee and containers overflowing with beads, it wasn't long before the birth of our own store. We  started with a suitcase full of beads & went off to teach others. The response was great. We kept buying more beads and teaching more people. When our collection filled our store people dropped in weekly to buy beads and share our love of colour and design. 

 Deb is educated in commercial art and floral design; having spent a "lifetime" soft sculpting dolls, messing around with paint  flowers, fabric, paper, books and kids. She has 4 children and they have provided her with an education in the fine art of staying sane. She discovered bead-weaving on returning to Canada after 5 years of living in Georgia. A small brick stitch fish was her first bead project. Deb credits Diane's very patient teaching to the school of fish that she enthusiastically produced. Single spiral, daisy chain, double spiral, circular peyote followed and she was hooked. That brick stitch fish was just the bait!  

  Marzie's home is the base for 4 Sirius Beaders. She began her beading journey with very small beading projects like, beading on mocassins that she had made. Then making a small beaded bowl. Getting very excited about the prospects she went on to design an Amulet Bag. With the help of all of our beading friends she  has learned how to accomplish various beading stitches.  She has been collecting various beading looms and enjoys using them along with all the other hand built projects. She enjoys  designing and beading her own works. 

We Are Here To Help


  •    It was in the fall of 2000, when 4 Sirius Beaders began their beading journey.  We still think of our first beading projects and how we struggled to learn. That is why we understand how new beaders feel. We have never forgotten our roots. Taking classes, especially for beginners, is a great way to start.  The sense of accomplishment when a project is finished will inspire you to try others. We are here to help.   

Opening Doors


Our group, 4 Sirius Beaders,  decided, right from the beginning that our mandate was to provide the best quality beads on the market.  And, just as important to us, to help others who want to begin this beading journey. 

We cultivate an atmosphere of play, to have fun, while we learn. We have the best teachers, who are patient, and understanding. They are experienced teachers who are willing to share with you, what they have learned along the way. If you want to take that first step into the beading world, this is a great place to start.

Our Beading Store surprises most people. We are tiny, space wise, but we have a large stock, well organized, clean, and tidy.  Come in and browse. You'll be surprised.